when i was youngmy mother told me“pick yourself up”“brush yourself off”“get on your feet”“you’ll go far” mom wouldn’t liemy mom wouldn’t lie i picked myself upi brushed myself offi don’t think she likeswhat’s under the dust i remember she brought me sliced apples and pearsreminded me my father would neverher cutting smile and laughter thatContinue reading “mom”

love (me)

loving’s only easy when it’s not meloving’s only easy when they don’t choose yougod this would be so much easier if i wasnot one two three fourshedeclaredathumbwarlay your thumb there on my chest and twist my heart and let me restrestrestrestrestgod i’m going to fail this testtesttesttesttesti just don’t want you to gogogogogogodiloveyoupleaseloveme immanence transcendenceContinue reading “love (me)”