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when i was youngmy mother told me“pick yourself up”“brush yourself off”“get on your feet”“you’ll go far” mom wouldn’t liemy mom wouldn’t lie i picked myself upi brushed myself offi don’t think she likeswhat’s under the dust i remember she brought me sliced apples and pearsreminded me my father would neverher cutting smile and laughter thatContinue reading “mom”

run (and self love)

note: there’s a rant about this poem at the bottom that you can read if you’d like my shoes hit the pavementmy arms hit airswallow freezing airfill my lungs i check my watch and speed upfaster i go and better i feelmy lungs are on fire but so am iscreaming blue and flying greeni feelContinue reading “run (and self love)”

Unfinished Love

I found these works in my notes app. Most of them are from this summer, all of them are unfinished. I don’t really know what they mean anymore and don’t remember where I wanted to go with them. None of them are my best work but maybe that makes them better. Hope you enjoy. BackyardContinue reading “Unfinished Love”

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