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love (me)

loving’s only easy when it’s not meloving’s only easy when they don’t choose yougod this would be so much easier if i wasnot one two three fourshedeclaredathumbwarlay your thumb there on my chest and twist my heart and let me restrestrestrestrestgod i’m going to fail this testtesttesttesttesti just don’t want you to gogogogogogodiloveyoupleaseloveme immanence transcendenceContinue reading “love (me)”


how does it feel to be young and happyhow does it feel to speakhow does it feel to scream and cryhow does it feel to live canyouhearme ican’thearme how does it feel to be young and grinninghow does it feel to drownhow does it feel to smile and laughhow does it feel to survive swimmingContinue reading “choke”


jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of watershe tripped and fell and brokeand broke and broke and broke she broke got up and got more waterher eyes were red as snowshe got her cup of waterand went back home alone she hurt and drank her little cupher lips burned chapped and drysheContinue reading “jill”

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