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Unfinished Love

I found these works in my notes app. Most of them are from this summer, all of them are unfinished. I don’t really know what they mean anymore and don’t remember where I wanted to go with them. None of them are my best work but maybe that makes them better. Hope you enjoy. BackyardContinue reading “Unfinished Love”

soaring stationary

i met a beautiful birdher feathers half pink and half goldshe waved her wings and clippedthe iron aluminum bent bars of the little cageshe sang a melody i had never heard once beforeshe soared in placeand for a second i flew i opened her doorshe glided out and landed on the windowsilland she saw sheContinue reading “soaring stationary”

love (me)

loving’s only easy when it’s not meloving’s only easy when they don’t choose yougod this would be so much easier if i wasnot one two three fourshedeclaredathumbwarlay your thumb there on my chest and twist my heart and let me restrestrestrestrestgod i’m going to fail this testtesttesttesttesti just don’t want you to gogogogogogodiloveyoupleaseloveme immanence transcendenceContinue reading “love (me)”

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