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no talentno fatherno future she bats her eyelashes at the mourning dovessips her coffee and smilesvitality flickers in her wide open eyesshe reaches out for her dear daughter dear daughter? she’s deadthe mourning doves saidcracked open their beaks and they laughednever a daughter, you were never a mothershe tossed them a crumb of her breadContinue reading “crash”


to open her throatthat she may exitthe river roars around mea breath without airfor herthroat open that she may speakthat i may hear a wordthat i may taste, that i may hearthat i may choke, that i may tear i will die for her vitalityshe breathesvitalshe flicks her eyes, seesvisibleshe spreads her arms across meiContinue reading “throat”


a caress down a jawtracing folds of my heartto love to flow as the waters Nileto split in two and surroundmy breast with its nourishing gripbutterflies flap silky wingspush wind and hormones through my lungsbutterflies hearts beat, tuned to minei finally feel her love

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