jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water
she tripped and fell and broke
and broke and broke and broke

she broke got up and got more water
her eyes were red as snow
she got her cup of water
and went back home alone

she hurt and drank her little cup
her lips burned chapped and dry
she loved jack oh so very much
but she hadn’t met him yet

she wrote her silly little songs
and played her little drums
she lived her silly little life
with a heart as pure as stone

the stone
doesn’t fall
the tree?

jill went back up to the tree to fetch a pail of water
she tripped and fell and


she fell got up and got her water
drinking from her cup
and she just kept on walking
with tears as red as snow


sometimes i sad and all i feel like i can trust is my writing so i just start writing and eventually i produce something that i like. i never edit my poetry because i want it to be raw. its probably not my best work, but i hope you enjoy.

p.s. i think mobile messes with the line breaks so i recommend that you read on a laptop

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