On Being a Kid

Art is from Jackie Ferrentino at VT Kids. Content warning: dysphoria. I’m 16 years old while I’m writing this. I’ll be 17 pretty soon. I’ve been sleeping in the same bed since I was very little. Nowadays, I often lie in bed, with my feet hanging off the edge, and think about what it meansContinue reading “On Being a Kid”

Switch Side Debate – A Double Edged Sword

Note: This is an article that I wrote for Beyond Resolved back in August. I wanted to have it here just so a lot of my written work is in one place – it feels like a portfolio! Art is from Leopard Moth on tumblr. Content Warning: This article discusses structural violence, specifically concerning queerContinue reading “Switch Side Debate – A Double Edged Sword”

Love, Hate, and Dysphoria – My Relationship to Public Forum Debate

CONTENT WARNING: graphic descriptions of my experiences with transphobia and gender dysphoria Once, I stayed up until 4 AM cutting cards. My mom told me that I was addicted to debate that morning, which I have been thinking about ever since. I have constantly been asking myself why I continue to do this activity, despiteContinue reading “Love, Hate, and Dysphoria – My Relationship to Public Forum Debate”